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We can help you find the perfect granite flooring for your commercial or residential property.

When most people think about granite, they probably think about countertops. While we sell lots of granite countertops, installing granite flooring is one of our favorite projects. You may have walked on granite flooring without really thinking about it. It is most commonly seen in commercial spaces like stores and banks, but there is no reason you can’t have beautiful, durable and functional granite flooring in your home or business near Orlando, Florida.

Granite Flooring in Orlando, Florida

At Venzil Granite, we are passionate about matching your needs and preferences to the perfect piece of natural granite stone. We have a showroom with many options and a design team standing by to help you if you would like assistance in selecting a slab. Each slab is truly unique and will contain a variety of coloring, inclusions, veining and speckling. We like to think of granite flooring as functional artwork that will maintain its beauty and easy function for years to come.

Granite flooring is a great option for high-traffic areas that may also be subject to excess moisture or liquids, like bathrooms and kitchens. These are not areas of your home where wood flooring is a good option. Granite is easy to clean with soap and water and requires very little maintenance in the long term. Beautiful flooring is an essential element of any home or business design project. If you have any questions about our granite flooring, give us a call today or stop by and see us. We can help you find the perfect granite flooring for your commercial or residential property near Orlando.