Summer Kitchen, Orlando, FL

Entertain guests outside at your home with a beautiful and functional summer kitchen.

Whether you are considering selling your home near Orlando, Florida or if you are planning on living there for the rest of your life, the addition of a summer kitchen can be a great investment. A summer kitchen can easily increase the value of your home, but it will also give you more to love about your home for as long as you live there. You can entertain guests outside of your home when you have a beautiful and functional summer kitchen. It may also save you money on your electric bills because you won’t be unnecessarily heating up your main living space by turning on the oven or stove during the warm summer months.

Summer Kitchen in Orlando, Florida

Your primary kitchen is probably the hub of your home, but a summer kitchen can become a secondary hub and encourage everyone in your home to enjoy the outdoor space more. It can be used seasonally, but the great thing about a summer kitchen here in Florida is that much of the year is mild enough to use it. When it comes to designing the perfect summer kitchen, our design team has the experience and knowledge needed to make it a success. We can help you determine your storage needs, your preparation concerns and your equipment requirements.

From initial design plans to the fabrication of your cabinets and countertops, at Venzil Granite we can help make your project a reality, and probably in less time than you would expect. We can generally deliver new countertops in as little as a week and can deliver cabinets and countertops together in as little as two weeks. Call today to discuss your ideas for your new summer kitchen.